DANU or ANU, often considered a mother goddess, is viewed as the matriarch from whom the Tuatha Dé Danann descend. Though not much is known about her from the mythological texts, she is often associated with fertility, wisdom, wind, and waters, symbolising a nurturing yet potent force in the cosmology.


Brigid is a multifaceted goddess, revered for her expertise in healing, poetry, and smithcraft. She is considered a bridge between the druidic and Christian traditions in Ireland. Brigid is often associated with fire, representing her inspiration and protection. Her prominence even transcends mythology, manifesting in the veneration of St. Brigid in Irish Christianity.


AINÉ is associated with midsummer, the sun, and also revered as a goddess of love and fertility. She is also recognised as a sovereign goddess, connected with the prosperity and well-being of the land and its rulers. Stories tell of her liaisons with mortal men, producing lines of kings.

The Morrigan

THE MORRIGAN is a goddess of war, death, and fate, renowned for her ability to transform into a crow, a harbinger of doom in the battlefield. She is a complex figure, entwining life, death, sexuality, and divination. The Morrigan often intervenes in the battles and lives of warriors, granting them prowess or prophesying their doom.


Boann is the goddess of the River Boyne and represents the flow of inspiration, knowledge, and wisdom. The river was created from a well of sacred wisdom, and it is Boann’s quest for knowledge that unleashed these waters into the world, symbolising an endless flow of insight and creativity.


Airmid is envisioned as a gentle figure, often surrounded by various herbs and plants, emphasising her connection to healing and herbalism. As a healer, she might be depicted with a calm demeanour, nurturing and knowledgeable about the secrets of the natural world.


Cliodhna is often depicted as a beautiful goddess with long, flowing hair, capturing the essence of her association with love and beauty. She is also sometimes described as having a melodious voice, apt for the "Queen of the Banshees."


Fand is frequently portrayed as an ethereal and captivating figure, often surrounded by marine motifs like seashells, seaweeds, and the shimmering colours of the ocean. Her beauty is unsurpassed, and she carries the aura of both the deep sea mysteries and the passionate traits of love.